Translation of 'We Do'

I hope it’s okay to ask here as I’ve been told Google Translate is inaccurate and you guys seem the most learned of Welsh speakers online…

For a wedding invitation I wanted to put ‘We Do’ in English and in Welsh. Can you please tell me if the correct North Walian translation of ‘We Do’ is ‘Rydym yn gwneud’?

Many thanks in advance, hwyl, have a great weekend.

S’mae Cymraes?

Rydym yn gwneud is pretty literary, I’d say. In normal speech, Dan ni’n gwneud would be used. However, there may be a formal response used in such invitations, so wait for further comments!



It might depend on the context. Is “We do” part of a sentence/phrase or does it just stand alone?

If you’re referring to the actual wedding vows in your invitation, the following might be of interest from which it is possible to work out that “I do” is “Gwnaf”

(it brings it all back to me. If you follow the tradition of writing everything in the third person … “Professor & Dr Evans request the pleasure of the company of Sir Ifor and Lady ap Gruffydd at the …” you’re going to have an interesting grammatical challenge in Welsh :worried: )

Diolch yn fawr to both of you, really appreciate your help.

I saw ‘We Do’ on an invite and really liked it, so wanted to add the Welsh translation to our invite.

Llandudno Town Hall is also providing a bi-lingual ceremony which I’m dead excited about! Must start practicing now, still five months to go.

Best wishes to all, hwyl,

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Subject to confirmation by fluent Welsh speakers, I think “Gwnawn” (the plural of “Gwnaf”) might be your best bet, then.

If it’s your own wedding, I wish you and your partner the very best for the future. :bell: :bell:
If you’re just organising it, I wish you good luck. :wink:

Diolch!!! It’s very kind of you to say, Hewrop - we’re getting married after 14 years together, hopefully with a minimum of fuss.

Really really appreciate your time… must come on this forum more often, it’s got to be the nicest, most generous lot of people on the web.

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Isn’t “Gwneud” and its variants more related to the act of doing something. Could you use “Derbyn” (To Accept)? “Derbyniwn”?

The answer ‘yes’ in Welsh for more than one person is ‘we will do’. Therefore gwnawn is correct.