Translation error at work?

Just noticed this on a webpage at work that went live to staff today, and am I right in thinking that they’ve mis-translated the word ‘hub’? From watching Hwb on S4C, I remember that it means something like a prod or a push, so this can’t be right, can it? Is there a word that is used yn Gymraeg to mean ‘hub’?
alt text

I agree Jon. Hub yn Gymraeg = ‘both’ (Y Foth), or could use ‘bogail’.

And I thought hwb meant “boost”.

However, I initially guessed it meant “hub” since they (S4C) use or used an animated bicycle wheel graphic. I was disappointed to find my “inspired guess” completely wrong.

The use here is a bit cheaty, in the same way as “HWB” the programme cheats. You have the Welsh hwb - to give a boost to, and the English “hub”, to be at the centre of, and it all sort of comes together in a big bilingual pun. It’s either clever or wrong (or maybe both) , depending on how you look at it!

Has the actual programme finished now? Why don’t they bring back ‘Welsh in a Week’, that was the big stimulation to me, at least in beginning to learn the language

Iestyn: it all sort of comes together in a big bilingual pun.

Diolch Iestyn. I was wondering if it might have been something like that. So I’m guessing that it’s legit then? Sort of. And diolch Siaron. I thought there would be a proper word for it yn Gymraeg.

@Mike: Yeah, sorry. I wasn’t very clear there. I was using those words in the “you can do it”, “get on with it” kind of way. So I think we’re both on the same page. :slight_smile:

@Stuart: I thought that Hwb was carrying on through the summer for some reason, but a quick google tells me that the last episode was on Sunday.

@Stuart: What was “Welsh in a Week”? Was that part of HWB? I do vaguely remember seeing some episodes that might have answered that description, but don’t remember that title.

@Jon: Dim prob! :slight_smile: