Transcripts of lessons?

Are there transcripts of lessons available anywhere?

I’m on Lesson 14 of Level 2 and could really do with seeing some of the sentences written down as I’m not sure what I’m hearing.

I thought the Automatic course was just the normal one but with subtitles but I don’t really understand how to use it (looks like you have to start at the beginning again and can’t skip?)


If you access the challenges through the website, you get a vocabulary with key phrases and some example sentences, but not a complete transcript, maybe that helps in piecing together what was said?

I think someone worked on a transcript themselves, I want to say @gisella-albertini , but I may be misremembering.

If it’s just one or two sentences you are unclear on, you could give us the timestamps of those, then we can figure out together what’s being said (in this case please specify north or south, as the scripts won’t match word for word)

And finally, if you use Automagic, there is no way to skip ahead. You could just set it to Fire-Breathing Rocket Dragon (or whatever the highest setting is called :wink: ) to burn through the material faster with less repetitions, but there is still material being added, I don’t know how far Automagic goes right now.


Not a transcript but this is the ultimate guide to the vocab. I used the PDFs to make Anki cards to go over old sentences.

That link isn’t working for me - is anyone else having any luck with it? Would it be possible to check it? Thanks!

I also had trouble with the link, so I looked at it and noticed a typo (a missing dot). Here is the corrected link:


Ah thanks @Hendrik and sorry @RichardBuck for the mistake. I must have accidentally deleted the dot when I pasted. I wrote the previous message on my phone - I’m not generally the best touchscreen user, but Discourse (this forum software) I find particularly awful to use on mobile.

For potential future confused readers, I’ve corrected the original message too now.


In Lesson 15 of Level 2 (South Version) from around the 8 minute mark, I can’t hear whether it is dyna/dyna’r/dyna yw in any of the sentences.


It’s dyna’r in all of them. For example That is the best thing to do on the weekend.Dyna’r peth gorau i’w wneud ar y penwythnos.

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Thank you

Sorry I answer just now, I had missed the notification!

You remember right about me working on a transcript myself: however the reason why I did them was that I couldn’t remember the English prompts.
So I transcribed all the English prompts for lesson 25 of Level 1 and 2 and all Level 3 (South) but just a few of the Welsh mostly because at the time I didn’t always understand every word! :sweat_smile:

Of course if anyone think they can be useful for their learning journey…just get in touch with me!

p.s. I had just had a quick look at Automagic, I believe there’s English prompts available now maybe? In which case you won’t need it!

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