Top of list function/button

Might be nice to have such a thing as the list of threads (particularly) gets longer… Currently using the iPad, have not checked if there is one on the full version…

And while I’m here, if you have just copied something you want to quote, you have to scroll right to the end of the thread in order to access the New Post button. Again, i’m on the iPad, so it might be different on the full site. if there was a “Floating” button for New Post, it would be very handy!

The ‘all the way back’ thing has been mooted, so we’ll get there at some point, although it doesn’t feel urgent enough to delay work on the payment system…:slight_smile: With the floating ‘new post’ - my gut feeling would be that usually, you’ll be quoting something from not very long ago - is your experience different on that?