To say I Can't

Maybe I misunderstood something but there seems to be two ways of saying “i Can’t” between two courses. One has alla’i ddym and the other has dwi ddym yn gallu

did I misunderstand something or is one preffered to the other or both the same?

SSiW will try and expose you to the often lots of different ways to say the same thing. In this instance, alla’i ddim is just a short-form version of dwi ddim yn gallu. It doesn’t matter which you use, stick with whatever you feel comfortable with, but by knowing both, you won’t get ‘thrown’ by someone using the form you use least :slight_smile:

PS - you may also come across fedra’i ddim and dwi ddim yn medru - also ways to say “I can’t”, but probably more common in N Wales.


In the South you’ll also hear “Sai’n gallu”. The use of “sa” and so" in the South to create negatives is something I have grown to love.