Title suggestions for a 'how to start learning' booklet?

Morning all!

After talking to quite a few people in response to bits and pieces I’ve sent out to the email list, I’m now giving a lot of thought to how to present advice to our learners and potential learners.

One of my current projects is a booklet aimed at people who are just thinking about starting to learn a language - I’ll probably do a Spanish and a Welsh version - and as ever, my most entertaining and creative title is ‘How to Start Learning Spanish’.

Yeah, not great…:wink:

Anyone have any better ideas?! :sunny:

“Teaching languages is hard. Learning doesn’t have to be”



“Set Off on the Right Foot with …Welsh/Spanish”
“Get Off on the Right Foot with …Welsh/Spanish”
“A Bright Start with …Welsh/Spanish”
“How to Stop Worrying and Start Learning … Welsh/Spanish”
“Learn the Right Way - Welsh”
“Effective Learning Methods for … Welsh”
“Succeed with … Welsh”

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Good brain-storming there, Stu, diolch yn fawr… :sunny:

I’m definitely wanting to focus on this being for absolute, absolute beginners…

“Starting from Scratch - Welsh/Spanish”
“To Begin At The Beginning: learning languages - Welsh/Spanish”
“Welsh/Spanish - how to dip your toe in before you take the plunge”
“Untie your tongue: starting a new language - Welsh/Spanish”


Ooh, diolch - I like that Starting from Scratch line… :thumbsup:


Welsh for Dummies !!!

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Nice idea, but I think we’d get sued…:wink:

Probably wouldn’t work so well for a book about learning Spanish either. :wink:

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‘Yes You Can - how to speak Welsh/Spanish for beginners’

‘Welcome to Welsh/ Starting Spanish’

‘Welsh/Spanish made easy’

‘An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Welsh/Spanish’

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How about
“A Gentleman’s Guide to the Basics of the Welch or Cambric Language; Put In the Simplest Terms so as to be also Suitable for Wives and Servants.”


Hilarious but dangerous too :slight_smile:

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Learn Welsh - Start and continue.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn, folks. Ow, I’m seriously tempted by that :sunny:

Welsh/Spanish: Get Going - Keep Going


(Off-topic, but I swore I’d never buy a book with the “insulting” title “…For Dummies”. However, Windows 8.1 for Dummies is now on my wish-list, as I’ve heard it’s great for taking W8 back to sanity (for people used to older versions of Windows). “Classic Shell” (I think it’s called) is also recommended).

Sorry for the off-topic. As you were.

“Calon Lân - Your Love Affair with Welsh Starts Here”

Welsh to the hilt

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I’m a bit of a fan of descriptive, no-nonsense titles, so “How to Start Learning Spanish” or even “How to Learn Spanish” actually works for me :slight_smile: