Tips and hints

After today’s 5 hour welsh session i thought i’d give a few tips to what has worked for me.

  1. Mistakes are good.

  2. Mistakes are still good.

  3. Do the lessons…move on…repeat…but the move on again.

  4. Mistakes are still good

  5. Find ways to practise.

  6. Chat…chat again…even to yourself.

  7. Translate everything you can. Even.songs…though Efrog Newydd, Efrog Newydd was difficult.

  8. Listen

  9. Try to build a bit of vocab … but see 8. above

  10. Hear your new vocab in context

  11. Repeat 1 - 10

  12. Didn’t you read 11?. oh yes…i forget…make mistakes.


And make mistakes formatting


OK, move on…but repeat? So going back sometimes works?

For me yes. I’d often go back and redo a block. God knows i must have done every lesson two or three times and some ten or more!


One of the great things, after having moved on, is to go back to a lesson you struggled with and discover that it is now easy!