Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread

It’s in the Southern Version written at bysen (baswn)

That’s really interesting and exactly the kind of advice I was looking for- I know I stress too much about these variations! :slight_smile:

In the Southern Dysgu Cymraeg courses we are taught baswn rather than byddwn/bydden too so that makes sense.

I’m going to continue trying to use byddwn but as I’m not Welsh anyway maybe it doesn’t matter as much- I think people are less bothered by what form you use nowadays as long as you are having a go. I like to think that’s the case anyway! :slight_smile: I have a strong regional accent and get grief about it occasionally and I suppose every language is the same

That is by far the general reaction these days. The vast majority of Welsh speakers are delighted that others are making the effort to learn their language. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had them tell me “It’s very hard to learn, isn’t it?” so they’re genuinely impressed that people do.

Don’t worry about having an accent. It’s inevitable if you learn another language after the age of about 8, but as long as you’re doing your best and you’re understood, that’s what counts.

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Thank you, that is very, very reassuring to hear.

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