Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread

Yup, I’d agree with that. :slight_smile:

but only with feminine nouns – like y (the).

Thus un dyn, y dyn “a man, the man” but un ddynes, y ddynes “a woman, the woman”.

Or un gŵr, y gŵr but un wraig, y wraig (husband, wife).

peth is masculine so un peth (no mutation) is the expected form.

(Also, if you want to get into grammar, un, y, yn do weak soft mutation: they don’t mutate rh or ll, so un rhaw, un llaw “one shovel, one hand”. But e.g. Mae gen i raw ac mae gen ti law with mutation. All to the best of my knowledge.)


If I had a penny for every time some language learner tried to justify something with “but Google Translate accepted it and translated it into what I was trying to say”…

As for the question I came here to ask - how to say “I’ve changed my mind”?

Dw i wedi newid fy mhen / fy marn / fy meddwl / fy mryd / something else ?

Diolch am eich ymateb. :slight_smile:


Cwestiwn cyflym / Quick question

Is their anywhere on this forum where people are encourage to speak mainly or wholly in Welsh to improve their skills? A Welsh/mixed only sub forum?

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One place I can think of is the thread


Newid fy meddwl… :slight_smile:

Just the ‘Be’ dach chi’n gwneud rwan?’ thread (‘What are you doing now?’)… :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Hi - new here - just wondering, having noticed a couple of typos on a vocabulary list, if there’s a standard or accepted way to pass them on.

(If the answer is “this thread”, I’m looking at L1 North Challenge 7, ‘decharu’ for ‘dechrau’ x2, plus ‘wythnol’ for ‘wythnos’.)



Very helpful indeed - fixed! - diolch yn fawr iawn… :star: :star2:

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I think there’s still a “wnest ti decharu” that’s escaped :slight_smile:

@aran I think I owe you an apology for not noticing, despite having revisited L1 in January! Considering I originally learned ‘written Welsh’, I should have noticed!

Oh, so there was - diolch! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a list/flash card/Memrise course of the most frequently used Welsh words please?
I have used this when I have learnt other languages and find it really helps with listening, as you start to pick words out.
Thank you and sorry if this has been covered in the forum already
Lucy :slight_smile:

Don’t think there is one on memrise but there are lots of good lists on there.

To be honest if you go through the ssie levels you’ll get a good working vocabulary so anything else will supplement it nicely.

Cwrs pellach y gogledd on memrise has about 900 words though so is a pretty good start.

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“Pa mor annheg”

Correct Pete bach

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memrise has 250 most common verbs I think

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question of nuance!

Tiwn / tôn / alaw…both mean “tune”…but any context/nuance to usage?
I always see Welsh kiddywinks saying “tiwn”…to a good song

To be honest, I think this kind of fine detail you can only pick up from exposure - and you’re starting to get into areas where different people will have different ‘feel’ for what to use…


Hi, I have a few questions. I’ve been trying to (and sort of succeeding in) writing all my notes for almost all my courses in Welsh (all except math, didn’t want to have to look up every single word :sweat_smile:). I ran into a couple of problems with history.

So, I think I found out the word for association is cymdeithas, the same as the word for society. Makes sense. But what about if I have to write something like this:

Associations aim to better society

Does it make sense to use cymdeithas for both? I guess you would understand it from context, especially since associations is plural. Or should I word it in a different way? Or is there another word for one of them? (I’m talking about specific associations, so I could use “the” which I imagine would make it even more clear…)

Also, how could I say “Russification”? I just wrote the English word and explained it in Welsh, but now I’m curious :smile:

I had one more thing but I forgot it… I’ll come back later if I can figure out what it was :smile:

Diolch yn fawr in advance :slight_smile: