Time to Slack?

Hello all,

I’ve just got to the end of Challenge 6, level 1 (yay!) and I’m feeling pretty excited about it. I’m not on a course, just fumbling my way through slowly.

I live in south east London, so not exactly surrounded by Welsh speaking opportunities; and I’m wondering if I should join Slack to try some Actual Welsh Speaking (a terrifying idea). Is it too early?

If not, how do I actually join? I think I have to email someone but I’m not sure who… I’ve tried searching on the forum but to no avail.

I’d love some advice :slight_smile:


Hi Emma!

to join the Welsh Practice Group on Slack, just send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com with subject “WSP” and you’ll get an e-mail with an invitation and instructions.

As for when…my opinion is it’s never too early to try! :wink:
I was curious and participated to my first group and…well…attempt of 1-to-1 chat soon after starting.
Of course you must not be discouraged if you don’t understand or feel able to say much…but there’s always something to learn from direct experience, and everybody’s really nice and welcoming!


Thanks very much @gisella-albertini!

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