This is my official introduction

So as i was saying, AS I WAS SAYING!, i have decided to attempt, yeah, ATTEMPT, to learn the welsh language for the SECOND time!..i kind of failed the first time due to my careless attitude towards life in general, then several years went by and it kind of annoyed me because yeah i don’t like being out done, you see.

This year i decided to combat this carelessness by signing up for a legit course in the local university, which cost me money, which should make me care about it that little bit extra.

I guess i will download the courses on this site to help me aid my learning process for September, i was also thinking about jumping in early so i can have the advantage over everybody else.

I will be learning the south version i guess. It’s three times a week, for about 2 hours, but im going to put a few extra hours in myself at home. so maybe in about 1 year i should have a decent grasp of it, and then i can sit back and watch s4c.

Youre welcome.


Best of luck @markie-1 and welcome to the Forum! Or, to say it in Welsh, Pob Lwc!

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Watching this space with interest @markie-1

Making an entrance is a good skill to demonstrate to myself, I tell myself, and there are so many choices, when interesting things happen on the way to the forum… Hoping you have fun, good to know you are on your way.

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Welcome to the course, @markie-1

A careless attitude towards life is a pretty good attribute if you ask me! Definitely adopt a careless attitude towards making mistakes, and don’t let anyone put you off.

And if you’ve got a bit of time over the summer, get a few challenges done. If you’re looking at 6 hours a week on the university course, try doing 2 or 3 challenges a week over August. That’ll be loads of Welsh under your belt, and a real start for you.

Let us know how you get on!



Thanks for the warm welcome, a small community of like minded people should provide a lot of influence in the right direction.

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You’ll do fine if you take a Beatles attitude.
“I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends…”:notes:

Look, it’s too hot for a coat, I’m already shuffling off…