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Yah, they are unpinned. Even pinned aren’t always at the same position but are floating up and down the tpic list.

I also see that the fact that someone would be able to pin one topic (for him/her self) is actually not possible. Or topics are pinned for everyone and they can be unpined by each person separately only for their own purpose and not global one or they’re not pinned at all. Only admins for that matter can pin and unpin the topics what means if (for example) topic “Really useful stuff” should be pinned only admin can pin it and is pinned for everyone. If one doesn’t want this topic to be in his/her constant view, they can unpin it but it would be unpinned only for them personally and not for the whole audience of the forum.

I believe pinning revision would be neeed if you’d want all previously pinned topics would be really at the top again.

What we can do with the topics is only “bookmark” them but this actually doesn’t mean we’ll have them at the constant view. Tehy’ll float up and down topics list as every single topics but will be displayed as bookmarked in your forum profile though and will ahve special “bookmarked” sign besides it in the topic list.

Well, this is result of my investigation tonight but it’s meant more like kind of “report” of what happened with previously pinned topics with new software rather then this would belong to “useful links” to be linked in.

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I’ve just seen some members are not keen how to quote someone elses poste (or they maybe don’t want to really quote them, I don’t know) so here’s the how to on this matter …

Let’s say I want to quote @raymondkefford’s part of the post. You can do this this way:

  • Mark part you want to quote
  • You’ll see “Quote reply” tab at the top of the beginning of the marked text and click on it
  • Doing this you’ll get textbox opened immediately with the quoted text in it which also indicates to whom do you reply.
  • The cursor is below the quote and you can carry on writing.


It is also marked that you’ve replied to the person who quoted in the post. However if you don’t mind too much who is marked to be replied and you’d like to reply to more then just one person in one message with quoting their parts of messages, you can freely scroll up and down the topic to mark another text from another post and do the same as described above.

If you actually don’t want to mark speciffically who’s text do you quoting or you would like to quote the text from elswhere (if even from your computer)

  • you mark the text wherever you want to copy it from
  • copy it as you usually do with CTRL+C for example)
  • and paste it into textbox as you normally would (with CTRL+V for example)
  • when you’ve done this you mark the whole text you’ve just copied
  • and use “blockquote” tab to make it (mark it) as a quote

(I’ll play with one of my stories here a bit :slight_smile: )

As you see in preview the text you’ve quoted got nice little box wrapped around it what means the text is quoted.

To write further you just click at the end of market text so you position cursor where needed and unmark the text at the same time, press enter and you’re ready to write.

You can also quote someone’s whole forum post which you wish to reply to in one simple click

  • Go to the post you wish to reply to
  • Click “reply” button beneath that post
  • and when reply text box openes click on the tab “Quote whole post” which appears like a quotecloud at the beginning of the format bar and the whole post will appear as a quote


You’re immediately ready to write your reply below the quote.

So this is basically it about quoting.

Whoever knows to deal with BB or HTML (or similar coding) that one can use them aswell (well at least most of them).

Enjoy quoting and replying. … :slight_smile:

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Well, I finally figured out how pinned topics are working now with new updates software. In the main category “Welsh” there are obviously no pinned topics but those which are pinned in subcategories are floating up and down the topics list

But when you go to subcategory the pinned topics in this particular subcategory are visible as they should be - pinned



Since “Bootcamp” subcategory doesn’t have any pinned topics they’re not displayed.

So mistery about pinnde topics solved and I won’t bother with this (FINALLY!!! some probably say with a sigh) anymore.

Not that I would like to bother @aran (especially I wouldn’t because I created this topic despite you gave the idea) but the topic Really useful ‘How to’ stuff and other great posts should be (maybe generally) pinned (if it’s possible) if it should be of some real (quick access) use. However the deceision is yours of course.


Well, this won’t be of “really useful stuff” or “how to …” matter but rather a report of one more error (or whatever do you want to call it) Ive encountered and might be a bit unpleasant for some people being those who’re reading the topics or those who’ve posted and then deleted the whole thing.

Well, I’m observing some deleted posts now for quite some days to see if they’d really be deleted (so they should vanish from the posts timeline I think) after 24 hours only to see that they’re not.

Here’s the example of such one deleted post and I’m 1,000 % sure it could not be flagged so it should go off the posts timeline automatically after 24 hours but it is there (as you can see) already for 6 days. There are more such deleted posts scattered around the forum which remain where they were and don’t vanish and I can make the conclusion this can be also one of the thins brought to us with updated software however I believe it only is a matter of re-setting the thing again to work properly.

@owainlurch I hope you don’t mind I’ve took your post for the example as this is one I didn’t need to put much effort in to search for. :smile:

Oh, and one tip for that matter. Since this is occuring it might be better you edit posts to write-sound properly or entirely re-write them rather then delete them and post a new one. If you set in your forum acount settings that edits are visible this doesn’t mean people would actually see what you’ve edited but just that the post was edited and that’s all. However you can see edits on your posts let them be by yourself or those by mods/admins/staff.

However about what you can see monitor, follow soon in one of those “useful stuff” posts I’m preparing for you. :slight_smile:

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@tatjana I need some “really useful post” help!

How do I link a post from one thread to another thread? People keep asking for the Course Guides, and instead of having to keep reposting the same info, I could just send them to where I already posted it - if I only knew how! I’m sure you, being our resident guru, know how to do this :slight_smile:

Help is on the way …
I know you’ve posted these links for quite many times so let’s do this with your question being answered.

The best to do this is to link only the post which holds the specific information and not the whle thread because if thread is long, one might get lost in it.

After finding the post you are looking for the thing is very simple. When finding the post you want to link to another topic you click on “chain” icon which will provide a link to you to copy and paste to the topic you want to be linked in.

Clicking on it it provides you the exact link to the post you wanted to link to the topic and is ready for copying what means you dont’ need to mark it to be copied but you just press CTRL+C to copy it to your clipboard.

Now all you have to do is going to the topic you wanted post to be linked in and simply put the link in there. You can simply copy/paste the link which will display the raw link in the post or you can cklick the same chain econ you find in the post which you’re curently writing

Clicking on it will provide you with floating window which you copy the link in

Click OK and you’ll get hoghlighted text which you switch for the text you want to appear in the post. Let it be something what tells to reader immediately what they’re about to click on.


Don’t look puzzled to see the text in brackets separated from the link and the number 1 near them in the window you’re writing in. The number behind the text in brackets and the number infront of link itself provides link clicks counting and additional link below all text you’ve written is for that “connecting” purpose and will not be seen in the post itself but what will appear is the number of clicks on the link you’ve provided.


Well, I’ve just noticed not all links are clics-counted for who knows what reason but most of them are though.

So, this is basically it.


Great info @tatjana. I will add that the number reference in square brackets ‘[1]’ can be any text e.g. ‘[crwban]’. This is helpful if you are entering a large number of links. I use this to put links to pictures in my list of nature vocabulary.



Thank you.

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@tatjana Gwych, diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile: You’re a star! :star:

@Kinetic I have a question now: Why I can’t edit this post anymore

it’s index list of useful topics and it has 8 edits, all done by me. Is there a limit of edits one post can hold and then locks up for editing somehow.

I wanted to add some more links to the list and there will be more to add in the future so I just have to know this. If edits are limited, then I’ll have to invent something else, maybe PDF with active links document or something similar.

Thanks for your time and potential answer.

I would imagine there’s some kind of time limit - @kinetic, do mods have access to edit posts after any time limits?

I would imagine there’s some kind of time limit - @kinetic, do mods have access to edit posts after any time limits?


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@tatjana - if you want me to edit one of your posts, I’m happy to do so.

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Can this limit be somehow overridden or reset? @tatjana and I both maintain lists where edits are ongoing.

Not particularly easily (unless we do it globally, which is generally thought not to be a particularly good thing for forums, although it might not be a problem in the SSiW context).

Let me give it a little thought… :sunny:

Hi @craigf
If that becomes a problem, maybe copy and paste the material to a new reply will give you the amount of time you had before.

If you want to remove an old reply/post, delete all of it’s content and save changes, an empty post won’t display (well it worked for me once).

Growing up on a farm i have a rather rustic fix attitude to this modern technology.

Cheers J.P.

Sorry, but I wouldn’t go for that. I had a thought to leave the list (well I’m talking to about my list though and when I edit it the last time (I figured out 7th time is the last one) I’d rather put the link to another post and continue to do list there however I don’t quite know if this would be the best idea either.

As much as I could establish this doesn’t work like this anymore. Deleted posts are not visible anymore but the text “post deleted, will be removed within 24 hours unless flagged.”. The post actually doesn’t vanish after 24 hours but stays there though.

Thank you @wondersheep. I’ll let you know if/when I need this to be done.

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If that becomes a problem, maybe copy and paste the material to a new reply will give you the amount of time you had before.

well all i can do is test what i say and hands up if i fail. I just copied and pasted the above from former post.
Let me know when you have seen this, then i will try and remove it.

Cheers J.P.

That is a possibility. I want to break it out into its own thread at some point anyway. Just kind of a pain to have to do it every so often.


@aran, @Kinetic: Perhaps there could be a special category of posts, intended for the sort of thing @tatjana and @craigf want to do, which would be always editable by the original poster (and mods of course). (But “normal” posts would not be in this category and have the same editing limitations as now).