This came up on my FB feed

Looking for some WELSH SPEAKING young people 16-30 for a TV production. You need to speak fluent Welsh and be an outdoor adventure person. The more extreme the better.
Pop me a message 07787123761

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Found you by your activities, did they?? And made age-ist assumptions!

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It was my mamiaith nursing colleague who shared it to her friends. But it could have some slightly misdirected advert to me. FB knows my age, because I didn’t lie, but even then they might, correctly, assume I knew younger Cymraeg speaking people.

What I can’t seem to persuade FB to do is to stop sending me adverts in Thai, while in Thailand, or Japanese in Japan. Seems to be a waste of the advertisers money as I’m not going to be able to read them. Even google translate doesn’t work on pictures of words rather than typed up words.