Thinking of starting a monthly or fortnightly meeting in the blackwood area

Sut mae pawb , dwi’n meddwl amdanat dechrau y gyfarth yn yr pentref Ynysddu .
maer tafan sy na or enw y tywisog du ( Black prince )
os na rhiwun sy isio dwad ?
dysgwr dw i fu hun fel da ni angen poble i helpu ni

hiya peoples im thinking of starting a welsh language group in ynysddu just outside black wood . in the pub called the black prince .
Im a learner as you can see from my attempt above lol
so we would need people who can carry the ones who are not so fluent . although in my experience all you need is beer to become fluent so we should all do fine .
is there any interest out there .
send me a message here and ill see if we can arrange a day
diolch chi
Brynmor Hughes

Brynmor Hughes: although in my experience all you need is beer to become fluent so we should all do fine.

That is so true. Just ask a bootcamper!

Anyone within striking distance of Blackwood should definitely try this - speaking Welsh, haltingly, badly, full of mistakes, even only with other people doing the same, is a sure-fire way of being able to speak Welsh fluidly, well and with only as many mistakes as a from birth speaker makes. There is no other method that works better!

Diolch, Brynmor!

Hi Brynmor just to let you know that there is a weekly coffee morning in Blackwood Weatherspoons every Thursday from 1/2 10 till about 12 but nothing in the evenings ad far as I know of. Quite a few people come & of all levels. Llawer o sgwrsio a hwyl. JAN

Hi Brynmor, this is something I’d be interested in but not until September and only in the evenings.

Hwyl, Gary

Brynmor, there is also a weekly meeting in Dan y Craig church, Risca , Thursday 10-30 ish.
The Prince might be a goer for me.
Hwyl Dave.

Hi Brynmor,

It may be a good idea to let Menter Caerffili (the local Welsh language initiative in your area) know if you start it as they’ll be able to advertise it for you.

Tel: 01443 820913