Things are looking up

Some of you will remember my crisis of confidence a few weeks back and were kind enough to give me lots of encouragement. I’m slowly getting back on track.
Well, today I ended up having a longish conversation, in Lidls with a retired headmaster. 95% yn Cymraeg. Conversation started by him noting that my accent wasn’t local, chatting in a queue as you do.
Him telling me about the similarities between Cornish, Bretton and Manx. Also told me the meaning of Ystrad, where I live.
He suggested that I should come along to the next Cymdeithas Cymraeg meeting.
Said not to worry about making mistakes or being shy to speak. Just to do it.
My tenses are still all over the place and there’s a bit of English chucked in here and there, but I did have a proper conversation in Welsh with a grown up.


Fantastic :+1: :+1: :+1: …sounds like a good invite…and the funny thing about having a conversation with somebody is that it sticks in your mind so strongly - so if you do make a mistake - you remember what you should have said with crystal clarity :smile: …it’s a funny thing but very useful :wink:

Keep up the good work!

Rich :slight_smile:


Well done! Way to bounce back and get out there and speaking Welsh! Da iawn! :stars: :grinning: