The Welsh Government want your opinion

In the discussion paper’s section on education, on p. 17, there is mention of education for adults:
Improve rates of progression between the different phases of education and the
workplace (early years, primary education, secondary education, post-16 education,
higher education, apprenticeships, the workplace), and ensuring there are
opportunities for adults to learn the language.
Ensure that Welsh-medium courses are a natural choice for people in post-16
or higher education.
Use the findings of longitudinal research to ascertain when specific
interventions are most likely to increase the rate of progression.
Develop innovative opportunities to enable new speakers to become confident
to use Welsh in the workplace, socially and in the home.” (this is where I would place SSiW)
With regard to parents specifically, the section on people lists this as an objective:
“Increase the rate of transmission within families in order to ensure that future
generations can speak Welsh and use it.”
This is of course high level, but the intent is clearly there


I totally agree, @louis, I was surprised by the lack of any mention of the internet at all!! I was trying to ask @aran, @Iestyn and anyone else at the ‘top end’ of SSiW whether they had been consulted directly, had offered opinions to the request by the Government for opinions and if so, if they had any direct feedback at all!
It seemed, yesterday, that the initiative for schools was all that was being covered, but it is clear that adult education should be involved, so I wondered about SSiW involvement in the planning stage.

I suspect that is because it’s more emotive to talk about school age education. Of course, it wouldn’t be like the BBC to only show half a story now would it?! :wink:

Well, have you heard anything about post school on S4C or ITV or Sky or??? Or a Government announcement?

I was being facetious.

I think ITV have agreed to start doing that although I can’t find the news about it now!


It would be a step forward in “normalising” the language if they did

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Why not teach the English more about welsh history. After all these islands were Celtic before the Anglo Saxons arrived and tried to kill off the most beautiful language(CYMRAEG) in the world.
The Welsh people are so polite and very kind.i am proud to say I have welsh blood in my veins .
My family are welsh , though I was raised in England ,I feel very strongly that the welsh language should never die out.

So all the very best to all the wonderful people of Wales,the most wonderful country in the world.

I fear probably we need to say also, why not teach the Welsh more about Welsh history?
I may be wrong but, as I understand it, currently the focus in Welsh schools is mostly on teaching more general British history.

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Yes I was at the airfield the other week there were about four of us speakingWelsh, a fiftth (Welsh speaker) noined the group and apparently purely because he didn’t know my face Shwmaed everyone then switched to English.

Happily one speaker there in particular is something of an advocate and instantly went “No no no - speak Welsh with Leia!” Which I may or may not have had the gumption to do myself - althgh I’d very likely have carried on in Welsh!

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I think that’s an excellent idea, but I cannot imagine it ever happening! I have a bee in my bonnet about history teaching everywhere. If we don’t learn about past mistakes we’ll never learn from them and I don’t see much sign of kids learning history nowadays, their own, much less anyone else’s!

Almost certainly also needed and more practicable, as I think the curriculum is a matter for the Senedd!

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The Welsh people are so polite and very kind

As a Welshman, I appreciate your positive view of my compatriots and your own ancestors - diolch yn fawr. :smile: However, as a Welshman. I wish your generalisation were true. Having spent roughly equal periods of my life in Scotland, England and Wales, I have found that it is no more true for us than it is for our neighbours. Happily it is still possible to find polite and kind people throughout the UK/Europe/World.

I’m not sure I recognise your view of Welsh History. My own favourite source (written I believe without any particular agenda) is “History of Wales” by John Davies.

I share your pride in our Welsh heritage. :smile:


It’s not just Welsh this happens in – maybe it’s a general thing with minority languages.

Me, in the tourist office in La Seu d’Urgell [in Catalan]: Excuse me, do you have a local map?
Tourist office employee [in Castilian/Spanish]: I’m sorry, sir, what was it you wanted?
Me [in Catalan]: I’m sorry, I don’t speak Castilian. (I genuinely didn’t, at the time.)
TOE [now in Catalan]: Oh, I’m sorry, what language do you speak?
Me [still in Catalan but a bit boggled]: Uh, Catalan…


I’ve just finished reading “History of Wales” myself. A good factual and interesting book


Actually I’ve decided to use this as a ploy in reverse now. When someone speaks English to me I just act as if I haven’t noticed and I carry on in Welsh. I did it today in a supermarket. It was obvious the other person understood what I was saying but they answered in English. We exchanged 4 or 5 sentences, me in Welsh and her in English, then I said “Ta ra” and off I went.


I do that a lot! Especially with strangers.


I’m currently in Swansea waiting for M’s car to be serviced. I haven’t visited much since the post war dereliction in the 50s with my Llangadog tadcu. I rememrber his speaking nothing but Welsh in the wholesaler (J T Morgan ??) and the market and all the shops we went to. Sadly, I’ve tried Welsh first today but with very little success. :disappointed:

We’ve got work to do, cyfeillion!

I had been trying to describe the loss. When I was on Gower, Welsh had pretty much gone from Swansea while still alive and well in Llanelli and Sir Gar generally, but, I gather, in the 17+ years since I moved up here, it is much less spoken even there!

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A Glimmer of hope

At the end of a dispiriting day in Abertawe, I struck up a conversation in English with the young service receptionist in the garage i was visiting about the current use of Welsh in Swansea. She told me that she had attended a Welsh school in Ystalyfera but that she had “lost” her Welsh completely. So in a friendly way (I hope) I said to her in Welsh “What if I spoke to you in Welsh now?” She replied without hesitation in what sounded to me to be perfect Welsh “I can speak Welsh and understand it”. We then had a very decent 5 minute Welsh conversation. It rounded off my day perfectly and softened the blow of the enormous bill. :smile:

It planted an idea which I’m going to copy to one of the “Million Speaker” ideas threads. Perhaps we should have an “Unlock your inner Welsh” badge or motto or T shirt or campaign. :smiley:


I likethe “unlock your inner welsh” as a theme for gamifications / intrigue ideas which currently seem to be bubbling up on the Tricider