The welsh for happy

I am on level 2 challenge 17. ‘Happy’ comes up quite regularly in the sessions. Sometimes ‘un’ is said before happus but other times not. Is there a rule for this?
Thank you

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If you’re using hapus as an adjective as in, say, “happy birthday”, you don’t need the yn - penblwydd hapus.
If you’re using hapus as a state of being as in, say, “the people are happy”, there is an yn because it’s part of the verb form - mae’r pobol yn hapus

One other thing you may come across that can sound confusing is the word for unhappy, anhapus (because it’s sometimes easy to mishear AN-hapus for YN hapus). The same use of yn as above still applies though (digwyddiad anhapus - an unhappy occurance / roedd y dyn yn anhapus - the man was unhappy), so listening carefully should get you past that one.