The ups and downs

I’ll kick off with the down, as it came first. Our local village, Crymych is all Welsh-speaking, which serves as the perfect motivation to speak Welsh. So I went into the local grocery shop (as I do most weeks) with the plan to speak Welsh to them for the first time (except for the usual, Helo, sut dychi, diolch etc.). I had the perfect opening line, because it was a sunny day outside, “Mae’n hyfred hedi, on dwy i…” - I got in the shop, panicked, look at the assistant for too long and she spoke to me in English - saying you’ll never guess what! “It’s lovely today isn’t it!” which completely flummoxed me! I ended up leaving the shop feeling a sense of shame for not trying my Welsh. I think the simple fear underneath is that if I speak Welsh and then they say something to me I don’t know - what then! I experienced it when learning Spanish, and it took several months for it to subside.

Anyway, I went back to the shop a week or so later, and this time, it was a different person, who doesn’t know that I’m not a fluent Welsh speaker, and I asked her where the eggs were (even though I knew where!) in Welsh, and I answered one or two of her questions, and said to her "Dw i’n wedi bod yn dysgu…) and she complimented me on how much I’d learnt in 4 months and said my accent was very good! I can’t take the credit really - that’s thanks to SSiW! I followed this up last week by going into the local hardware shop and speaking to them. Only very basic. At the checkout I did the same routine of telling her I’ve just started learning etc. and asked “Gallai dalu gyda carden os gwelwch yn dda” and I did the whole conversation at the petrol station in Welsh too. Only basic conversation but it’s given me a boost.

And now after a month’s break of finishing Level 1, and I’ve now started Level 2. Which means I should probably go along to the Caerfyrddin meetup sometime soon (there’s not one in Pembrokeshire is there yet?).

Diolch am fy helpu i fi.


Da iawn , great story. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


OH yes you can! The course doesn’t do anything unless you put serious effort into it…:slight_smile:

And WELL DONE - that kind of jumping in the deep end is hugely challenging, and it’s superb that you’ve got the guts to do it - you will reap huge benefits from it…:slight_smile:


Da iawn @alexheffron!

The Caerfyrddin group is meeting on Thursday, the day after tomorrow. We would love to meet you!


Diolch Margaret - I won’t be able to make it this week, as got some friends down for a few days, but does that mean the next one will be in two weeks?

Diolch :slight_smile:

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Diolch Aran :slight_smile: You and the SSiW team should be immensely proud with the great work you’re doing to help Cymraeg. I wish I had this for when I learnt Spanish too!

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The next one is in two weeks. Just a few of us. We meet in the sitting room opposite the bar but don’t advertise ourselves with the hotel. Just listen out for the Welsh speakers. I try and remember to bring some knitting if I know we need to be obvious to a newcomer.


Diolch. I’ll let you know sooner the time, but hopefully should be there :slight_smile: