The Temptation is Killing Me!

I’m on week 4 of SSIW 6 month course. I did the challenges for this week within a few hours of the email being received. Lovely! Really super. Doing quite well thank you.

But now I’m thinking I can’t wait till next Monday for the next email - i’ts driving me mad because I can see all the future challenges taunting me with their superior knowledge - so maybe I could do Challenges 6 and 7 all over again.

But how bad would that be?

Still trying to submit to the process…

But how bad would that be?


You’re bad…wyt ti n drw :grin:
Now, so you feel better?

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I totally understand your enthusiasm, Ken! Who knew learning another language would be so much fun and passion filled? Who knew??? Absolutely crazy!

If you have time, there are usually online meetups to siarad Cymraeg. Or watch a bit of S4C (tons of great programming).


You could follow Oscar Wilde who famously said “I can resist everything except temptation” :smile:


Love your enthusiasm! :slight_smile:


No harm in that at all… :slight_smile:

Well…I just went straight from five to nine and was really surprised at my success rate. I missed some specific phrases that I hadn’t therefore learned… But overall it was encouraging.


I’ve arrived at week 7 and loving it. What’s more I’m finding opportunities to use my welsh which helps with my confidence. My policy is to start conversations in Welsh with complete strangers and see what happens. This gives me the chance to construct a sentence appropraite to where I am and see what happens. I have only discovered one fluent welsh speaker doing this so far but I’ll keep it going


That’s brilliant, Ken! Just talking to people is definitely encouraged at SSiW. This will push leaps ahead of other learners…nothing like finding yourself lost in a conversation and finding a way out.


And that’s a policy that - if you can keep it going - is definitely the shortest road to fluency… :star: :star2: