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Hi there, I have the app and am almost finished on the course one lessons, however when I clicked on course 2 or 3 to download the lessons there aren’t any there. There are some on the levEl 1 option on the drop down list though. Is there a way to get course 2 and 3 on my phone? .sorry if this is a silly question! I am loving the course so far - diolch yn fawr! !

Just a quick tip/question: Are you paying any subscription i.e. for one language or “polyglot”?

If not then course 2 and 3 are not available for you unfortunately. Course 1 is for free, course 2 and 3 are for subscribers. “One language” plan is 3.95 GBP if I’m still correct and “Polyglot” is 6.95 GBP. You also get all lessons available if you’re member of “Growth Club” for payment at least 10 GBP/month

If you’re paying subscription then I’d check the app version (if you don’t have automatic update on) and/or I’d refresh the app.

And final thing: check if you’re signed into the app with your username and PW or you can simply log in again what should do the trick.


Thanks you very much! Now that Ive checked this I need to subscribe on the website.
Do you know what order the courses go in? I’m not sure where level 1 and 2 fit in - are they meant to be done before or after course 1 2 and 3?

Shwmae Jenny,
The order should be:
Course 1 (+ Vocab lessons),
Course 2 (+ Vocabs),
Course 3
…if you’re following the old course (the Vocabs are optional to complete, but will give you many more words to practice with).

The new course is (currently):
Level 1,
Level 2.
…with Level 3 following after Level 2 is complete.

You can (if you feel brave) do both at once, but it’s normally best to just follow one.

If you wish to wait a while before subscribing, you can follow Level 1, as this is free also, and the new levels will replace the old course eventually. But a subscription to the Welsh course is recommended as it will give you access to ALL the materials for both the old and new Welsh courses, including Daily practices and the new listening practices. I believe it is still £3.95 per month for the Welsh courses?

Welcome to SSiWelsh, and hope you enjoy the rest of the course.

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I have just started using the SSiW website. Is there any advantage to using the app?

Yes … your “work” on the phone (if learning that way) can be way easier. You have the app so you don’t need to open the brawser, going to SSi site, searching for lessons and listen that way or download them. The app is everything on one place with just one or two taps on the screen. :slight_smile:


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I downloaded the app but my email and username from the website don’t work. Do I have to register again?

Nope. It should be fine. Which app did you download - IOS (what means you have iPhone (or whatever i on that matter)) or Android? If Android I believe @theblacksparrow could help you if IOS there should be @lewie. :slight_smile:

The other thing might be - if you have different password for the site (that means when you click “Learn” and not forum) then you should try that one and not this you use for the forum. If it is the same for both then I’ve run out of ideas :slight_smile:

I should have written “email and password” not email and username. I only have one password. I used the IOS app since I have an iPhone and iPad.

Then calling @lewie to attention - or if anyone once had the same experience with IOS and solved it in a way. Advise needed, people. :slight_smile:

It’s working now. Perhaps I was just entering the wrong letters.h

ayay … tapping is a hard thing and you’re hardly aware you’ve made a mistake. I know this quite well.

Glad you solved the problem. :slight_smile: