The random use of the infinitve

Having listened to all of the first course and half of the first Challenges, I keep trying to discover the pattern for when to use “i” before a second verb (the infinitive). Alas, I have been unsuccessful. Is there a rule for when the “i” is needed and when it is not?
Or is it simply based on whim? :smiley:
Help me Obi Forum Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

Usually, i is used after an adjective, but not always
Usually not with verbs, unless it is an exception, such as
mynd i
And then there are the i constructs like ar ol i ti ddechrau, cyn i mi siarad, etc - they often denote a past tense, but not always
Remember that i does not map to to, it is not used in that way in Welsh to denote the infinitive, unlike in English
Hope that helps


See if this link helps:

Notice that all the verbs in the list are things that you do ‘inside your head’.


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