"The people who want their language to disappear"

I don’t believe there are any general conclusions to be drawn from this BBC Magazine article but I found it interesting nevertheless. Moreover there are Welsh connections.
Article by Caroline Davies on Californian Maidu Language


Interesting, Huw! Diolch!!!

Kule imoji, Kim :smiley:

Diolch yn fawr, Huw. That was very moving, and very sad.

Very sad to hear that the Maitu will not promote their language in case it is not used to promote good in the world. We would not be speaking at all otherwise.

Such a shame, but I suppose it’s one thing they have retained control over. Very sad.

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“The one thing they could still control” That says it all, doesn’t it? I pray that our people are never in that position. Because it’s a false choice, suicide now or later! I cling to the song, “Ni yma o hyd!” While we live and breathe we have options, death takes them all!! Cymru am byth!