The past

Sorry for the silly question but I am easily confused!
I was happy using wnes i, wnest ti etc. but now I have seen es i and gwnes i and wondered what they are
Is wnes i mynd the same as es i?

Shwmae Jenny. It’s not a silly question at all! As far as I’m aware, ‘gwnes i’ and ‘wnes i’ are the same (both I did / I made), just with the ‘g’ knocked off.
And yes, ‘es i’ = ‘I went’ and literally ‘wnes i mynd’ = ‘I did go’, so essentially they’d mean the same thing. However, you’re much more likely to hear people use ‘es i’.

Yes, I was always told to use es i if I went to sometfing. e.g. es i’r tref i prynu bwyd

Diolch Jon, I am sure that will appear at some point and good to know the difference (currently I am wading/sinking through the course 1 vocab units and so distracting myself with other things!)

I’ll repeat jon here, because there is no harm in emphasising:

There are no silly questions. If something is confusing you, even if it’s something minor, like Cat saying a different goodbye or something, then it could slow down your learning. Ask. Every time. Please!

And yes, esi and wnesi fynd are totally interchangeable, and vary from speaker to speaker, and situation to situation. You’ll hear both all the time, so if you know them both, you are ahead when it comes to understanding other people, which is a great place to be.


Actually - remember that if the vocab units are hard work, and you’re not about to go on a bootcamp or something, just move on to course 2, and come back to do an occasional vocab unit from time to time when the mood takes you. The 10 vocabs need to be done in order, because theu use words from the previous vocab unit, but they are not essential to doing course 2. Don;t slow yourself down by working hard when you could be playing hard!

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Diolch. I think I might just crack on with course 2 and come back to the vocab later. Level1 is also a possibility but seems (to me) much harder to pick up