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S’mae pawb?

When I was at the Ysgol Undydd Derby last week, I got talking to one of the first language speakers about the Welsh side of my family and their origins in Dinas Mawddwy. He recommended a book called O! Tyn y Gorchudd and showed me a wonderful parallel Welsh/English paperback copy of the novel. The Welsh as very literary and beyond my reading level, but the idea of a book about an area I had connections with (however long ago) and it being a parallel text was great, so I dived onto Amazon the other day to order up a copy. Imagine my surprise when Amazon listed the paperback new at £2,499.50. Okay then, a second hand copy - oh look that’s £2,499.50 as well (plus P&P of course).

Happily, I ordered the English version in hardback for £7.00 and the Welsh in paperback for £6.99, so all’s well that ends well. I’m going to read the book in English for now, and save the original Welsh for a few years time.

BTW there were a couple of other Welsh/English parallel texts on Amazon for much, much more realistic prices, so I may invest in those down the line, once I advance my reading age past thrillers for teenagers (if I ever do)!



Dear Stu,

Thank you for the book recommendation. I am going to go look for it now… on a budget.

Mary in Tennessee

One of the best books I’ve read, full stop, any language…:smile:

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