The intro song - 'Wela i efo llygad bach i'

Thank you for this - by week 5 I’ve got as far as spotting “something” and “starting” and “with you” but hadn’t managed to put them all together, so it’s ‘clicked’ now.

I heard it played on Radio Cymru the other day, and my poor brain started to prepare itself for a challenge!


Brilliant. Diolch yn fawr. There’s something about using song to create a flow to absorb/recall lyrics. The music was really engaging and the translations were really helpful.

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I told Lleuwen that learners everywhere flinch in a kind of happy/painful recognition whenever that song gets airtime - I think she enjoyed the thought… :wink:


I occasionally entertain the thought that if I ever heard the full song were played, I’d automatically flinch or be totally thrown off at that one part, because I’ve come to associate the sound with 40 minutes of pain learning.


Even better for me:
I did almost all Level 1 while on holiday at the seaside in the summer. Every time I hear that song I instantly feel relaxed. And the warm sun, a gentle breeze, the sand and the waves…it’s awesome! :sunglasses: :sunny:

And, of course, that’s also all automatically linked to how I feel about learning Welsh language: the exact opposite of boredom, stress and anxiety that I link to school (and consequently the other languages I 've learnt before) :grinning:

p.s. one more reason why SSiW works better than any other method for me. :wink:


Oh, fair play, that’s rather lovely… :slight_smile: :heart:


I think for " you’re looking right to the centre of their eye…" I would say in English “looking straight into their eyes…” just a suggestion :slight_smile:

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Hi Anna,
Just seen your thread on Welsh songs. There is a little book called ‘Canwn’ which has the lyrics (only in Welsh ) to 100 songs.It costs £2.95 and the isbn number is 0-86243-217-0. Widely available though from any bookshop that sells Welsh books.



Thanks so much, Rob, for your kindness. I’ll check it out!

I have not completed challenge 12 as yet but wanted a break so I cheated and listened to the song, and I am glad I did, I love her singing (I am sure I heard this song before). I went to the Eisteddfod in Llanrwst and my favourite was listening to the choirs in the pavillion. I will be late completing challenge 12 but I am going to complete it. Diolch yn fawr @aran this song is very uplifting at this stage.

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Diolch am y geirfa dw i’n dallt rŵan. Dw i’n licio Lleuwen’s ( lyrics) ‘into life of the eyes’ hyfryd!

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‘i fyw y llygaid drych’ Have you thought of ‘into the apple of your eye’ (English biblical translation/image)? I know it’s a completely different metaphor but …

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Eyes are the mirror to the soul?

I just picked up Duw a Wyr on Bandcamp Friday in July. It’s remarkable.

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This is on the radio now (0905, 25 August 2020) and I am instantly teleported back to the first level and living in london!


da iawn - dewis dda, James! Dw i’n prynu lot o pop Cymraeg

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Gwych! Diolch yn fawr, Nigel! Fy nhudalen fy hun yw

Right, bear with me here because I might be all over the shop.

I’ve not read the translation of the intro song because I was hoping I’d just be able to understand it at some point. I’m on Level 1 (South) Challenge 17.
Something clicked today and I think I’ve sort of got it. I’ve been doing Duolingo and I’ve just realised that ‘efo’ means ‘with’ in the North.

So am I hearing something like:
‘Wela i efo lygaid bach i
Rhwybeth yn dechrau efo chi‘

Which I would take to mean:
‘I see with my little eye
Something is starting with you’

Like I said, I know there’s probably a translation higher up this thread but I don’t want to look at it yet :joy:

Tell me if I’m miles off.


Nope, you’ve got it :smiley: