The death of welsh

I’ve just heard, Heini Gruffudd, talking about a lecture he’s giving tonight where: He will use his Learned Society of Wales lecture to say: “Somehow we have assiduously avoided the possibility of language death which is a reality in so many communities.”

Perhaps discussing it will enthuse more people to learn. It could equally polarise opinion and start to coalesce opposition…

Not sure I agree with his idea about relocating all Welsh speaking institutions to Welsh speaking areas to stop them going to Cardiff. This could just end up creating a sort of string of insular communities living under a siege mentality. Always the answer is: get more people learning it and using it, and spread it around Wales as much as possible.

I see that chap Kim has made a really good point in the comments!
Wedi gwneid yn dda.

Someone else was complaining about the cost of courses, and as we all know, you can get off to a flying start for nothing here on SSiW.

The idea of a WLA sounds a bit “top-down” to me. Getting SSiW out to as many people as possible could be an alternative “bottom up” approach, e.g. making sure that every Welsh parent had access to it, for example.