The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Done it! Jeanne Christie. Posting the news on this page was harder!

Done - but that was hard - I will keep trying


Ydy, dw i’n newydd dduchre dysgu Cymraeg am bity mis

Bore da @jane-35 ! It would seem that you already completed this ‘week 6’ task 10 days ago, your next task will be the ‘week 18’ one which asks you to record yourself saying sentences. If you are unsure about the tasks at all, please see the following link for more information and good luck! :slight_smile:

Brilliant work @annette-jackson @tegwen-duffield @sian-48 @jeanne-christie @ruth-prothero @meriel-jones! You now have your PINK badges! :smiley:

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Well done and congratulations @tony-taylor! You now have your PINK badge! :wink:

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Done it!!!

Done yippee not very exciting sentences but at least i got one out for each one in the time

Done it, I need to be a bit more creative with my sentences though !

Done it!

Done it. Said my 13 sentences to the mirror!!

Congratulations on completing this task @jacqueline-jones @elizabeth-ann-meredi @beverleygoodson @ikenyon @jane-whallett! You now have your PINK badges! :smiley:


Done it.

thank you

Diolch yn fawr !


I have completed the 5 minute task.