The '5 Minutes' Test - week 6 **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)

Help! I’ve no idea how to record my sentences on sound cloud :slightly_frowning_face:. I’ve downloaded it but I’m technically challenged and a bit gutted as I tried hard with my sentences!

Bore da @deb-astles!
I’ve only used it once myself so there may be a better way to get to it… also I’m using Android so it may be a bit different if you have an iPhone.
I found it by clicking on library (2nd icon from bottom right), then at the top right corner of the app your photo / icon will appear. When you click on that then it takes you to your profile with an option to record.

Hope that helps you!

Dw i wedi gwneud. Dim yn anodd. Pob hwyl. Alun Gwyn

Done it! :grin:

Hi @sue-42, it seems you already have your pink ‘5 Minutes Test’ badge, did you mean to be posting in the The ‘5 Minutes’ Test - SoundCloud ‘Sentences’ recording Pink to Red challenge thread? If you’re stuck and need help with that, then please let me know. :slight_smile:

Hi @deb-astles, have a look at this following post to see if it helps - come back and let me know if it doesn’t - Do you need Soundcloud Pro in order to record?



you are now PINK! :smile:

Done. Actually I did it a few weeks ago but I forgot to post.

Hi Catrin, I thought these were two different exercise on two different weeks. The first one was to use each phrase just once. The second was to do the same exercise every day (if I understood it correctly) . I find the forum really confusing and difficult to use. I will go back to the instructions, and I think there was also a tutorial?

Done it, ok it took me 7 weeks to get to the 6 week mark, but there you go!

Done :slight_smile:

Done it

Done it!

Done. Even saying it in my sleep.


Done it. Not very exciting sentences I’m afraid, but done!

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Done! My brain is wedi blino heno!

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Done it! Diolch.

Bore da Arun
Sut dych chi? Dw i’n joyo dysgu yr siarad Cymrag,achos mae’n diddorel.
Oes, dw newydd yr pimp min challenge ok.
I was amazed at how easy I found challenge one and must have got about 95% of it correct with no use of the pause button.

Whose Hayley, flipping auto correct. Meant to say hwyl