The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)

Helo pawb, rhaid i mi ddal i ati….

Llongyfarchiadau on your red badges @janenewble, @mike-wheeler a @johnsculpt7! :red_circle::star2:

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I hope this is in the right place! And I don’t know why it’s so quiet.

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In the right place, and worked out perfectly, and sounds great (although you’re right about it being super quiet, that might be a microphone setting). But well done on getting it posted! :star2:

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

This one sounds quiet; and like I recorded it in the bathroom :astonished:

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Well it sounds awful but here goes

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Great job @jamesaczel-gmail-com @patrick-taylor @ann-abbey and @rick-4! :partying_face::partying_face: And no worries about the volume, I have good headphones :grin:

You did Great. Hope I can get to this point too. Well done

Your doing great keep it up

Ok here goes, I hate the sound of my own voice but oh well…

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You are doing great well done

sounds like you are doing great, keep it up

You’re doing a great job, too, @carolyn-baillargeon :grin: Da iawn! :red_circle::red_circle:

I guess like most people I hate the sound of my own voice, but here goes…


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my god I am speaking so slowly here I sound like a zombie. I promise I’ve come on a bit since then…!

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Da iawn @whereistherent a @dan-fox, congratulations on your first recordings! :red_circle::partying_face: