The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)

Please let me know if this what we are meant to do, hopeless with technology

Dyma’r brawddegau. I hope this is right!

Yes please I would like to record again, although I have now heard the full version of my recording replayed it still sounds VERY english!
Jacqui… still determined!

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Wohoo! Congratulations @katharine-crew @sabine and @lesley-6!

@jacqui-stoddart - no problem, just post it here when you’re ready and I’ll give you your badge then! And don’t worry about how it sounds, this exercise is all about the confidence it takes to post the recording :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I really can’t cope with SoundCloud. Can I post my sentences anywhere else? I feel like giving up.

You don’t have to use soundcloud at all Anne - you can use any method you’re familiar with, or even the recently built-in recorder (have a look here Speaking Practice Tasks: Info on COMPLETING, RECORDING, POSTING to gain COLOURED BADGES )

Anything that saves your recording as a link that you can then post in the thread is fine.

I wonder if that will work/

Yes, that works fine :slight_smile: - up, up, and away! :smiley:

Wohoo! Good job @anne-pilsbury, and thank you @siaronjames! Works perfectly, enjoy your red badge :grin:

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helo, linc cynta ydi wythnos 6 ac mae linc nesa o wythnos 18.

hello, first link is week 6 and the next link is week 18.

My recording has been sent to clipboard but I don’t know where to find clipboard to send it on! Sorry

How do I post my recording please?

After copying to clipboard, have you tried pressing ctrl+V while writing a message here? That should paste a link to your recording. Let me know if this doesn’t work and we’ll figure it out!

Thanks for coming back to me, I am sorry but I did the recording on the SSIW lesson 6 and did copy it there, and assumed it came through/ back to SSIW? So should I be recording somewhere else.?

A little late but here’s my recording.

I don’t remember these at all so sorry everyone -

I hope this works …

This might be my recording-

Congratulations @lesley-green, @david-aspinall and @judith-loveman!

@caroline-altounyan - great question! It looks like you’re going for the green badge which is in a different thread. Have I missed your red badge (the 5min sentences recorded)? If you’d like to post that here as well I can give you both badges :wink:

@jacqui-stoddart - Sorry, I’m not as familiar with the recording software myself, have you seen this thread? Speaking Practice Tasks: Info on COMPLETING, RECORDING, POSTING to gain COLOURED BADGES It has a good explanation of how to copy and post recordings!

Hi yes I have followed those instructions but when I get to the last part and copy it, I don’t seem to be able to copy the link into a reply box. I have now done the recording again on my iPad, and emailed it to you! I hope that works! Fingers crossed… jacqui