The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)

Thanks for listening! :grinning:


Brilliant sentences all of you! You now have your RED badges! :smiley:


Uh oh, I sound terrible :persevere:


I am supposed to be recoding my second lot of sentences but seem to have messed up! The first lot I thought I had done was only one dreadful sentence I am now ready with the second lot but seem to have lost the microphone ? And my old message which sounded horribly English is now gobbledegook! Help please! Jacqui

Well done everyone for posting - I think speaking a new language out loud for others to listen to is pretty exposing. I haven’t done it yet, but your example is encouraging. Thank you!

Have a look at this thread to see if it helps in any way Jacqui - so sorry you’re having trouble.

Not at all Ruth! Sounds fabulous! :smiley:

You now have your RED badge, congratulations!

Diolch Catrin, sorry I seem to get myself into a panic and probably worry too much. Thanks for your help, Jacqui xx

Please don’t worry, @jacqui-stoddart. You’re doing brilliantly! :star2:

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Note: I know that “I need” isn’t “Dwi’n mynd”!

I have done a few sentence recording .Some how. Is it possible to put a 5 min video here? Harri.

You’ll be able to find information on recording and posting here, Harry -

Well done to you all! Great sentences! :smiley: You now have your RED badges!


I hope I’ve done this right!

Excellent sentences @jonathan-clements and @Milica!! You now have your RED badges! :smiley:

Been retracing my steps after falling off the wagon with my 6month Journey! Unfortunately the recording cuts out before the end but I did struggle through to the end and only realised the recording issue when listening back the week after!