The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)

Diolch. I am going to start week 19 next. I was going to duck out of posting my sentances. It took a few days of trying to pluck up the courage to do but did it. Good luck with yours. Cx

Oh dear I’ve had to give up on this task ! I’ve faffed around with Soundcloud and Audio Copy for half an hour and can’t get them to work. Soundcloud doesn’t appear to have a record option on my phone. Audio Cloud won’t let me play back my recording. I’ve posted something to my Soundcloud account and now can’t find it.

Oh I wish there was a very simple way for us technophobes to do this task… Grumble over, off to plant sunflowers

I have just had a crack at it now, not sure if you can see it as it’s marked private, hope you are able to listen OK. I don’t think it’s perfect grammar I kind of made it up! :grin: Here it is, gulp!! @CatrinLliarJones

Aaaagghhh! But I did it!

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You said a whole lot more than I did for that exercise. Da iawn.

Hi Claire! So sorry that you are having so many problems with recording. :frowning: But please do not despair, you’re not the only one and if we can help you through this, then we will. I’m not sure if this will help you at all but have a look at this thread and the answer I gave in it on how SoundCloud works on my Samsung Android phone…

Hope it helps.

Well done @claire-hummerstone, @duncan-fisher and @stephanie-ingham, you are now RED! :smiley:

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Hooray!! Diolch!! :grin:

My Pink to Red Sentences

I don’t want to pay for soundcloud to upload speaking practise, /is there another way that i can do it?

You can use soundcloud for free. In the main screen on the soundcloud app, in the top right corner (on my screen it’s there) there is a circle with an up arrow. That’s where you can upload recordings. On my iPad I use my voice memo recorder to record and upload from there.

In anticipation of going from Pink to red…

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Hopefully this will work… I’ve kept it short, byr iawn!, as it seemed to stop recording sound after 1 minute.

I’m glad others have mentioned the ‘mind going blank’ issue, I find it surprisingly more difficult to come up with my own endings rather than just repeating sentences in english to welsh like in the challenges :see_no_evil:

Brawddegau Steve G
@CatrinLliarJones I uploaded the wrong file the other day!


Hoping this works…

is soundcloud free?

Ydw, ti’n gallu cael hi’n am ddim! (Yes, you can get it for free).
I considered using rhydd to mean free but as I’m referring to cost rather than availability I wasn’t sure if it would be correct …?
If anyone knows please let me know, thanks! :blush:

@CatrinLliarJones can I turn “red” now?:slight_smile: I’m trying to post my one question sentence soon! thank you :smile: