Thank you to whoever decided to start the practice sessions on Slack

I’m not entirely sure of the history of this i.e. who it was who decided to set up Welsh speaking practice on Slack. But whoever it was, I want to thank you.

I’m conscious of the need to practice speaking Welsh. However, I’m restricted a lot by the fact that I have a baby (that sounds terrible, obviously she’s awesome but I can certainly do less than I used to). Groups tend to be at times I can’t attend either because of Gwenan’s bedtime, because they’ll clash with her daytime routine, I feel I can’t take her and don’t have childcare etc etc. But being able to use Slack means I can have a chat with someone in Welsh while she’s in bed. I’ve just had my first Slack chat and I’m on a high. I enjoyed it so much.

Anyway, gratuitous posting over. Just thank you to whoever!


It was my idea to set up the group, but it’s been given energy and momentum by the huge kindness and support that @Nicky @Novem and @siaronjames have shown in running regular volunteer hangouts while we try to build to critical mass - we’ve spent a fair bit of time thinking about how to thank them - I think they’re building something that is going to turn into a very, very important part of the landscape… :slight_smile:

And well DONE for jumping in! :star: :star2:


Firstly… yes, well done on jumping in Kim!

Secondly… :flushed: - I’m pretty sure I’m not just speaking for myself when I say you don’t need a way to thank us, just saying it (as you have, more than once!) and the responses we get from the hangouts (and the chats) is thanks enough!


Hi @Kimberley I’m glad to see you have found the Slack group useful. It has been very successful and we’re getting new members every day.

I’m just gutted that the Eisteddfod and work kind of got in the way and knocked my Wednesday chats for a couple of weeks. Normal service to be resumed on that one from next week on :smiley:


Hi, I’m new! Please could someone tell me what Slack is? Diolch yn fawr! :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forum!
I’m not very technical, but basically Slack is a workspace host site on the web. There is a group called Welsh Speaking Practice which uses it and this offers an opportunity for anyone anywhere at any level to practice speaking Welsh. You can chat 1-to-1 with other learners or more fluent speakers or join group conversations and you can do it just with audio or with video. It’s a very friendly group and a really good way to improve your speaking and listening skills.
There is more info in this thread:


Was just replying but @siaronjames beat me to it. It’s well worth looking at. There are lots of people on there and everyone is really friendly so it’s a good way to practice.


Sounds brilliant! Thank you both for replying so quickly :slight_smile:


I must add to this - I too, am finding Slack an amazing tool. It fitted the missing piece of the puzzle, especially for those of us that live outside Wales and really wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact using Welsh without this. Massive thanks to everyone involved!


I would also like to join the long list of grateful people who live far from Wales, and can only have face-to-face conversations via some form of video link. The Slack Welsh Speaking Practice fills this need for me, and I have found several speaking partners. It’s a double whammy (is there a Welsh idiom for that please?) 'coz you also make nice new friends beyond their role of speaking partner.
Diolch yn fawr!


One online conversation at a time, Welsh is making the world a smaller and friendlier place :heart_eyes:


Sorry Im struggling to highlight on smartphone. Possibly need to use cricket for nearest idiom? Mas y park. Whacked it out of the grounds. Or Chwech chwech for Gary Sobers? At St Helens, Swansea when he hit six x sixes. :grinning:

Too late but I just realised. Slam fawr? For rugby grand slam?

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