Techy qu! App and subscriptions

Hi SSiWers, apols for the boring qu but I couldn’t see an answer on FAQs or in the app or in an existing conversation thread… I’ve just restored my SSiW membership at the new level so I can access advanced sessions etc. But the app is telling me it can only download the free content, not anything subscription based - even though I’m signed in with the right details, i.e. those linked to my new subscription. Does the app not include the subscription services, or am I doing something wrong?! Have tried deleting and re-installing the app (yep, this is my level of technical prowess…), but still the same problem. Diolch am unrhyw help!!

What version of the app is it?

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Android, whatever version is currently available via google play

Thanks for flagging this up, Kate - between them, James and @kinetic should be able to solve this for you… :slight_smile: