Techie question re Notifications

The “Mark all as read” button on the notifications page does not seem to be active. The corresponding element is <button title="Mark all unread notifications as read" data-ember-action="1626" class="btn notifications-read" id="dismiss-notifications-top">Mark all as Read</button>

This happens with latest IE, Firefox and Chrome on Windows 10 or Firefox and Chrome on latest Ubuntu/Linux.

I have tried to use this to remove the long list of notifications (even read ones) that appear every time I click my avatar to log out, but I can certainly live with that. - so no urgency.

hMMM … i can’t test this as I have all notifications read but they still appear on my “profile icon list”. It actually nothing happens to me (what is totally OK since I’ve read all notifications).

Tagging @Kinetic when he’d have the time to look at it maybe.

I actually quite like them coning up! They only come coloured if not yet read, so I can see the difference and it’s a quick way of getting to an on-going subject!!

Well, yes. They don’t bother me also, but might be not only @hewrop but some more members would rather them disappear from “Profile icon list”. :slight_smile:

Hmm… I think there is some confusion here about what each thing is. I never actually use the “notifications page” that Huw refers to. Instead I look at the list that pops down when I (single) click on my profile photo in the right hand corner of the banner (at the top of the page in the forum). That gives me a list of the most recent dozen or so notifications I have received, and if I haven’t followed some of them, those will be highlighted with a color background. (Can’t remember what color right now because I’ve read all of them.) That background goes away as soon as you click on it to go to the forum topic that is linked there. But the dozen or so notifications stay after you’ve followed them, they just scroll off at the bottom (where there is a link to “view older notifications”) as new ones are added at the top I am guessing that the notifications list Huw refers to acts in the same way, with a colored background for unread ones, but in this case it appears to keep all of them and you can scroll and scroll down through all the notifications you have ever received. That is the only place where the “mark all as read” button is located. I cannot actually test the “mark all as read” button since I’ve read all of my notifications at the moment.

A secondary issue may be that I never log out of the forum (though occasionally I have to log in again for some reason) but just close the browser, so I never really noticed that there is a “log out” link at the bottom of that short list.

That’s what @hewrop thinks and that’s what I’ve referred to but again I simplified the written all to understand. So there’s no confusion at least not from my point of view and I believe @henddraig meant exactly the same.

Color background at the moment is blue(ish).

Huw meant by my understanding also that when he clicks on profile picture to get drop down menu, the “log out” button is “too far down” due to all these notifications in the list. However there’s no catastrophe if they are still there I believe.

To be honest, I thought (when I came here the first time) also that, when notifications are read they “disappear” from the list and are accessable only through notification page in the profile.

So everything is more or less clear I believe.

Thanks @Sionned and @tatjana. Tatjana’s right - I was referring to the drop down list which appears when I click my suddenly-aged icon.
I always log out of everything; my browsers don’t store cookies and allow very few; and I take my hard drive and run it through a crusher each time I switch off my computer - paranoid? - me? - never! :laughing:
It may be, therefore, that the button I referred to needs to be activated or that people like me need a second button (can’t have too many buttons IMO) which hides all read notifications in the drop down list and elsewhere.
To be honest, however, it’s not on the top of my list of life improvements. :grin:

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Oh bach, I hope that wasn’t my fault!! I loved your other picture - took me back a bit, too!!! (I had a boyfriend who looked a bit like you!!) :grin:
Re-the list, I think it used to be associated with one of the other headings, but I presume we can’t go back to that because the actual program isn’t written by any SSi folk!!
I didn’t like its new place at first, it was a pain having to - hang on, I’ll finish this in a tick!
edit: right, I knew I could come out of the list by clicking the top line, I wasn’t sure what happened next. It is quite complex if one wants to send a new PM or edit one’s profile! Mind, you have managed to age your pic with no trouble!!!

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(I had a boyfriend who looked a bit like you!!)

It wasn’t me, was it? :smiley:

No bach! You were too young for me in those days!! (Or I was too old!) It was very bad for a girl to cradle snatch!!!
(I admit to going out for a while with one member of Tim Rygbi Cymru who was younger than me!)


@hewrop - by the way, Huw, I am now (as of about three months ago) officially a “wrinkly” like you! (according to US age standards)

What?? @Sionned Shock! Horror! I canNOT believe you’re over 40. :slight_smile:

–blink blink-- You’re such a flatterer, Huw!

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I’ll be 50 next year … I can’t believe myself. :slight_smile: My soul is 16 years old and youngering. - hehe

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If that isn’t an official verb, then it ought to be.
(any offers for the Cymraeg equivalent?)

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Haha! I have to invent something, but didn’t yet. :slight_smile: Maybe after a Bootcamp my invention speed gets in higher levels! :slight_smile:

I thought so too and even if I sensed it is not I intentionally used it. :slight_smile:

Ifanceiddio, by analogy with heneiddio? :smiley:


Dw’i’n hoffi hynny! But surely in USA age doesn’t start until at least 80?? I’d be seen as quite young there!!


Is there an upper age for becoming president? That might be a useful “trump” card. Would provide a good excuse for demanding to see HIS birth certificate :wink:

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That would be nice, wouldn’t it! But no, there isn’t. I don’t think the founding fathers had any idea how long people would live in later centuries.