Tan (fire), llif (flood) and every possible weather all at once!

I just wanted to say to all our teulu SSiw (SSIW family) who are/ have been suffering from wild fires in Australia, floods in Gogledd Cymru, Cumbria, Yorks, Lancs and parts of the Scottish Borders, and pretty well everything from tornadoes to ice storms, including floods and possibly fires in the USA… we are thinking of you and wish there was something we could do. You have sympathy from the rest of us, I know… in fact @Deborah-SSi pre=empted me by putting a bit in the newsletter!!
Da bo’chi pawb!! Lwc dda! And may 2016 be better!!! :exclamation:


Here we are, less than a year later, and floods all over Cymru! I sincerely hope everyone is OK!


And now Mis Tachwedd 2017 and rivers as roads again, or rather worse than anyone remembers. Global warming? Whatever the cause, all the very best to anyone with water where you don’t want it. Hope you can get insurance pay out and then can still get insurance!

December, California burning, much of it the luxurious mansions, but, I am sure, many who are in despair, seeing no hope of financial recovery, even if they and their families are alive. Our planet is in trouble, and I am sure we all offer sympathy to those who are in the front line.

Yes, here we go, over and over again every single year and every single year it is worse.

Hope all of SSiW family who live in affected areas are safe.