Talks in Welsh about Welsh history and culture for Welsh speakers and learners

Advanced Learners may be interested in “Cymdeithas Hanes Bro Ogwr”. This society arranges talks about Welsh History, in Welsh, for Welsh Speakers and advanced learners.

Meetings take place at Tondu Cricket Club, Tondu, Bridgend (Penybont ar Ogwr) CF32 9EB. The next meeting is on Monday 9th March 2015 at 7.30, when Cennard Davies will be speaking on “Enwau Tai a Strydoedd”. Price £2.00.

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Croeso Cynnes i bawb!



I had the good fortune to hear, Cennard Davies, speak at an Eisteddod and he was very entertaining. Even though I was just learning he was very easy to understand (well the gist) as he speaks very clearly. He was funny as well…

@Deborah-SSi - don’t know if this is something you’d like for the newsletter.

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Is he the chap from BBC Radio “Catchphrase”?

If I were nearer, I might have given it a go, even if it would be mostly over my head.
For £2, what’s to lose?

I’ll vouchfor Cennard as well. Personally, I know him through the Papur Bro network, and he’s a lovely, easy going bloke. Another interesting tidbit for anyone who ever meets him - he also taught my mother to speak Welsh…


He is.

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I remember Cennard Davies from the 1980s when he taught in Barry with Basil Davies. How frustrating Tondu is probably a bit too far away for me. [Tondu = ‘black waste ground where nothing grows’?]