Talking about events/holidays

I am always pretty confused about how to talk about describing today, or even a future day, if that makes sense. I’ll explain.

I know that if someone to ask me “Pryd mae Nadolig?” the response could be “Mae Nadolig ar 25 o fis Rhagfyr” or something like that, or I could just make that statement in general.

What about if I wanted to ask “Is Christmas today?” or state that “Today is Christmas”?

How about if I wanted to make a statement such as “Today is Thursday”?

Sometimes I just get all mindboggled with the ydy’s and the mae’s and the other stuff and can’t figure it out for the life of me. This is just one of those things. :smile:

S’mae Joanie?

Here is my take on this, but wait for confirmation/alternatives! I would use these focussed sentences:

Today is Christmas - Nadolig ydy heddiw
Is today Christmas? - Ai Nadolig ydy heddiw? (asked with a questioning tone)
Today is Thursday - Dydd Iau ydy heddiw

The forms here are like when you say “I’m Joannie” as Joannie dw i.



I’m not all that sure when I’d use that sort of sentence in English, which makes me a bit puzzled about how you might prefer to go about it in Welsh. In case it’s any help, you’d certainly hear:

Today is Christmas day - dydd Nadolig ydi heddiw - or - mae heddiw yn ddiwrnod y Nadolig
Is it Christmas today? - Ydi hi’n ddyd Nadolig heddiw?
Today is Thursday - mae heddiw yn ddydd Iau or dydd Iau ydi heddiw (that’s just a matter of emphasis - today is Thursday vs today is Thursday)


Thanks @essenbee and @aran!

I started to get confused when I prepared for bootcamp last year, and my birthday happened to be that week. I didn’t really understand the right way of saying it, lol. Every so often, especially while reading/learning something else to do with days and events, it pops back up in my brain and taunts me. :smile:

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