Talgarth monthly group

We have a group of mixed ability who meet every month to practise Welsh:

T.W.I T -
Talking Welsh In Talgarth - meets first Wednesday of each month at
The Castle Hotel in Talgarth. LD3 0AA.
Next meeting is 4th Feb at 7.00pm
Everyone welcome.


Billiant!!! :smile:

That’s now three groups that I know of in Brecon and Radnor that meet on Wednesday evenings. Good news in many ways, but somewhat frustrating for those of us that would like to attend them all! :smile:

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I wonder if there would be a way of coordinating them so that new groups at least consider other days. The thing is, it would be so easy to give the impression that “you can;t have it on …day because someone already meets then…” that any strong attempt might put people off.

On the other hand, for people like you, Rob, who would be a real help to any group that you attended, as well as enjoying yourself, it would be great all round to have a variation of days. Anyway - a dsicussion for another therad maybe, because this thread already has a different purpose.

As you were: Thank you very much @MartinD for the information, and thank you to the organisers (are you an organiser as well, Martin?) - these practice sessions can be a really important part of getting confidence and getting used to using your Welsh in the real world!