Tafarn y Sinc

Another community, Welsh speaking pub up for sale and trying to save itself with a community buy out.

Tafarn y Sin in Preseli this time.

It’s such a gorgeous place. “Dechrau Pob Sgwrs yn Gymraeg” notices on the bar, fullof charm, I used to go there as a child after sledging on the surrounding hills.

Would be awfulto have it lost or bought out by the wrong commercial concern who might unseat the 'Welshness" and community feel of it.


Like the Llety Arall project they’re after minimum shares of £200 perhaps some local would consider? I wonder if there’s any mileage in trying to raise enough as a group for a minimum share?


I am fascinated by your childhood winters the local hostelry!! In Summer, I could imagine you in the garden, but were children allowed actually in the pub? No mention was made of your parents and mine never came sledging! (Mind, mine never came anywhere ‘with’ me, once I was 6. I got taken with them sometimes, but not rambling, sledging, cycling etc…

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This would have been shortly before it closed for the first time for refurbishment I suppose, working it out. Tail end of the 80s, early 90s.

It was a regular family outing, a winter treat - we lived on the coast of Pembrokeshire so never got as good snow as up on the Preselis so when word came from on high that it was good up there we’d get loaded up in the car either by parents or my grandad with sledges and bundled up and edges/creep up there.

We’d be winter adventurers exploring the old quarry and outrageously reckless sledging down the hills and old paths there.

Adults watching mostly with eyes shut I think - I once hit a rock on the sledge and stopped so abruptly my chin hit the snow yards and yards ahead at which point I stopped so abruptly I landed face first heels up behind me with such momentum I kicked myself in the back of my own head, to general adult shock and horror!

Then dripping and numb-nosed-and-fingered we’d go to the pub to warm up and have an Orangina and chicken-crisps or sglods around the fire, maybe practising our “Ga i greision” because we were now no longer dan-y-landsker but in the “Welsh Bit” of Pembrokeshire.


Lovely memory! Hope the pub is saved!

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@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

I would contribute to any collection intended to save the pub. My wife and I stopped here for dinner last August after hiking the Golden Road through Preseli Hills. The food and beer were lovely, the staff very pleasant, and it was a great opportunity to practice my Welsh. I’d be sad to hear of its demise.

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