Tafarn Sinc

Has anyone been to Tafarn Sinc? We hope to go there soon as we have heard a lot about it and we wondered if others have tried out their Welsh there?

Also any reccomendations for Welsh speaking shops, pubs etc. in the St Davids area?


Heia J!

I have no shop suggestions for you, but why not try starting every conversation possible in Welsh while your are out around St Davids? If you have to switch to English, then no harm, no foul. But you may get into some interesting conversations if you start yn y Gymraeg!



Hello, ji_1, welcome to the forum and all that. Hope the lessons are going well for you and hope you will get an opportunity to use your Welsh as much as is possible soon

I’m afraid I’ve only been to the Tafarn Sinc once when I was in the area, and only for a short time - contact lens trouble cut the visit short.

So it was for a short time, in the afternoon sometime when the Pub was relatively empty.

There were, however, Welsh speaking bar-staff and the few people there were speaking Welsh.

It’s a lovely pub itself, characterful building with a great interior, a lovely beer garden and wonderful views! Good beer too, if I remember right.

I would certainly go back there.

I haven’t been to St David’s since I started speaking Welsh to strangers, as it were, so I’m afraid I don’t have any further advice for you there.

Hopefully someone who knows the St Davis’s area and the Tafarn Sinc better than me will be along soon to give you some good information on both!

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Thanks for the replies, we popped into Tafarn Sinc today for lunch and we enjoyed our visit very much. Unfortunately the weather closed in so the views were limited but what a facinating pub.

We tried our welsh out in a rather timid fashion but it was fun and we will try again tomorrow to find some welsh speaking opportunities.



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Speaking Welsh in a timid fashion can be a step along the way to speaking Welsh with all and sundry. I know this from experience!

And it’s fun all the way!