Symuda'n & she asked


Just checking that I have the pronunciation of ‘Symuda’n’
I’m guessing the first ‘y’ is a schwa and the ‘u’ is like the English ‘ee’ ?

also, how would I say ‘she asked the same question’.
oedd hi ofyn y cwestion…?

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I must admit I don’t know what you mean by ‘a schwa’, but the first y is pronounced like the u in ‘up’, and yes, the u is pronounced like ee.

“the same question” would be “yr un cwestiwn”, and you can use either oedd or nath, so “oedd hi’n gofyn yr un cwestiwn” or “nath hi ofyn yr un cwestiwn”.


For your first question, your pronunciation is spot on from what I can see.

I’d translate “She asked the same question” with Oedd hi’n gofyn yr un cwestiwn (the same thing = yr un peth)

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In most cases I can think of when you’d say ‘she asked’ in English, you’d need ‘Wnaeth hi ofyn’ (or ‘Gofynnodd hi’)… :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone!

Siaron - when I mentioned ‘schwa’, i just meant the English schwa sound as in the last syllable of the word ‘letter’. Similar if not identical to your ‘up’. However probably not my ‘up’ with my northern English accent which is deep in the throat.

Aran, just to be sure - the rest of your sentence would be ‘Gofynnodd hi yr un cwestiwn’ ?


Now I’ve kept waking all night thinking of this :smiley: Even though I’m supposed to be De Cymru now, I’m sure that I have always said Symud, with a N Wales U. A bit like the English Summit but with a D at the end. I can’t seem to change now. :frowning:

That pronounciation is fine John

Phew. I thought I was going to have to class it as Cumbric :slight_smile: