Sweet if affecting moment

Here’s a thread from the old forum, in which Tricia (Crystaltips) talks about an old recording of her father speaking Welsh. In it, she says “Though the day that I understand it all will be the day that I can say that I am fluent!”

Anyhow, we just listened to it after a gap of- well possibly a couple of years- and Tricia understood it all.

Now, I know it’s daft to think in terms of “achieving fluency” etc, and it’s something I stopped thinking about a while ago, but put those two things together and it was a rather sweet moment, if affecting in other ways.

And it all started out on that old forum, with a little help from Aran and Iestyn :wink:

Tricia tends not to blow her own trumpet, so I’m going to … erm… I think
I’m just going to leave that sentence where it is and quietly and carefully walk away…


Quite superb. Inspirational. :star2: