Swansea voluteers needed - Ty tawe

Ty Tawe Siop Siarad is struggling for enough people to run the coffee morning.

Anyone interested in helping out in the Swansea area please get in touch.

it’s dead easy - make the tea/coffee and take the cash for the box. You only needto do one Saturday 10-12 once every other month or so.

Basic Welsh is all that’s needed “te” “coffi” “un pun plis…” :wink:

Drop me a PM if interested and I’ll pass your details on or contact Ty Tawe.

Hi Leia, I don’t think my Welsh is even good enough for that at the moment but I’d love to contribute at some point. Does the coffee morning happen every Saturday? I was thinking of coming along this week to check it out ……

Every Saturday yep. This weekend is one of the ones they’re scrabbling to cover but I’m sure they’ll find someone (though I’ve already arranged someonething so can’t step in)

Ok, will turn up and hope to find someone there :slight_smile: Are there generally many people attending?

Between 10-20 over the two hrs, people come and go.

Thanks Leia, that sounds great, I’ll turn up and see if I can bring a complete beginner friend for back up :slight_smile: