Sut i dweud "I need to" yng Nghymraeg?

Hi all, new to learning welsh so apologies if my title is incorrect.

Following level 1, I find most of the vocabulary introduced fairly easy to pronounce, but I can’t pronounce the welsh for “I need to”; I just can’t repeat what the recording says. My best guess is something like “mae ashae fi” but it doesn’t sound right. I couldn’t find a spelling either as I need to translates as “fi angen i” by Google Translate.

Help on how to spell and pronounce this would be great!

Diolch yn fawr pawb!
Hefin Rhys Jones

I do northern and that sounds like southern, but from what I remember, it’s something like

“mae isie fi”, pronounced roughly “my eesheh vee”.

(I think there are a variety of spellings of “isie” (e.g. “ishe”) and there is a more official spelling, but the latter is of no help in the pronunciation, so don’t worry about that one for now!

I’m sure a southerner will be along soon to correct this if necessary.


Mae isie i fi. Isie is a phonetic spelling of eisiau. In English phonectics, I would say it as Mah eshay vee. In the South Mae is usually pronounced Mah. The ‘i’ kind of gets absorbed into isie.


Shwmae Hefin,
I see you’re following the southern course. What you’re hearing - “Mae eisiau i fi…” literally translates to “There is a need for me…”, which is dialectual to some parts of South Wales. In most other parts of Wales (including the south) you will also hear “dw i angen…”, which is literally “I need…”. This one is taught in the northern course.
It’s important to know that while both courses use words that are most used in that particular dialect, no one will be confused if you were to use, say Southern dialect in North Wales and vice versa. The idea of the course is to get learners to speak natural sounding spoken Welsh - hence the northern and southern versions. But it is all the same language, and you’ll find that even in English there are words and phrases that are said differently depending on which part of the UK you’re in. Think of it like that!
Anyway, hope you enjoy the course, and that these unique differences in spoken Welsh doesn’t throw you too much!


Helo Hefin, In the north, eisiiau means ‘want’ and is ‘isia’ and in the south, as @faithless78 says, it is ‘need’. I learned half north and half south and have almost given up worrying which I use!! If you say ‘Mae eisiau i fi’ on Pen Llyn, they’ll just think you want it, which is probably true too!!!