Sut I amarfer πŸ˜€

I’m just wondering regarding listening, speaking techniques, does anyone
Listen to sentence, say it by yourself, then repeat it with both speakers, fast then, slower version. Or is it better to just listen to the two spoken versions after I say it.
I’m aware that there are many variations on this and None are right or wrong. Just various techniques this work for the individual.

What I have been doing is listening to what Aran said then repeating it before Catrin and Aran say it in welsh. If I have said it and feel that I have grasped the sentence, I will say it again while Aran and Catrin are saying it in welsh.(When I am re-doing the lesson)
When I am listening, for example lessons from course 3, and I am slow picking up what Aran said and I am unable to repeat what he said by the time Catrin and Aran repeat it in welsh, I know I will have to redo that lesson. As well as repeating what Aran has said, it is the listening also which helps.
Don’t be afraid to listen and repeat a lesson several times until you are happy with it and go the next one.
Hope this helps


Much appreciated Alan. Diolch :+1:

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