Survey about Ynys Mon energy plans in Gymraeg

A member of Clécs I’m following with nick name Petroc (maybe is on here too) is runing a survey about The energy plans for Ynys Mon for widder research project and if you’re interested into the subject you’re welcome to take a part

I’m posting this here because the survey is yn Gymraeg and for those with more “courage” and interest in the subject or with wider energy knowledge it would be a great contribution but also a good “exercise” of your language skills.

You can find the survey here.

The survey isn’t limited to people from UK or Ynys Mon, but surely those who live there (or have any connection with the island) would be highly appriciated. All the rest can take part too.

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People interested in this topic might find this programme of interest:


Thanks @tatjana. I’ve responded to the survey because of my interest in current and future Energy Supply for Wales in particular and the world in general.

I appreciate Clecs is a Welsh language social medium but, it seems to me that the survey would have wider impact and influence if it were also launched in English.


To be honest, I have particularly you in mind @hewrop, when posting this here so thank you. Well I responded too with special care of what can be my concern and what not since I don’t live there and have not any connection with the area, people or country (speaking of “nature” what means no family, I never was there etc), however I thought my answers could be of some use too.

I’m not sure what population Petroc wants to reach with the survey and it might be he launched some English version too but published only Welsh on Clécs since it’s Welsh social media. Maybe I should ask him. Well sometimes I’m sorry Clécs doesn’t offer PM like twitter does for example but on the other hand the aim of totally Welsh social media might get lost with that enabled …