Support a Cornish language TV service!

Hi everyone,

Just wanting to share this news about Pellwolok an Gernewegva, which as far as I’m aware is currently the only service producing regular online videos (including a monthly news programme) in the Cornish language. Unlike the other Celtic languages in Britain, Kernewek (Cornish) doesn’t so far have a mainstream TV provider or channel dedicated to the language, so Pellwolok an Gernewegva is aiming to make a difference there. They’ve just started a crowdfunding campaign to help them set up a base studio, train more volunteers and expand the range of content they can provide for Kernewek speakers and learners. If any of you would like to give your support, you can find the Crowdfunder page here: Cornish Language TV Meur ras (thank you)! :slight_smile:


You appear to have to be a UK tax payer. Sorry!

Great idea though I hope others pick it up.

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Just as an update, the funding campaign for Pellwolok an Gernewegva has hit its target with 11 days to go, so they’re taking it a little further with a “stretch target” — they’re hoping to spend the extra money on children’s programming in Cornish, which would be wonderful. :smiley:


Hooray! The Crowdfunder campaign for Pellwolok an Gernewegva was a huge success! Here’s part of a message they sent to all supporters this morning:

With your help we raised £7690 which exceeded our initial target of £6000 and the stretch target of £7500 which we had set ourselves - an extraordinary achievement.
This funding will ensure the development of the service and initiate some programming for children, the thought of which has excited so many people. What a fantastic opportunity has been created for the language through the generosity of its supporters.

This is a truly amazing result which will not only benefit Cornish language speakers and learners but will also help to demonstrate the level of interest there is in the language, how alive and vibrant it is, and the commitment there is out there to keeping it that way and furthering its use and promotion.

So once again, a very big MEUR RAS!

It really is fantastic to see how much support there is for Kernewek in the community. A “dead language” that “no-one speaks” and that isn’t actually “useful” (we Cornish speakers have all heard these comments before)?? I don’t think so!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


That is excellent news. Í would like to have helped as well.

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Thanks, Sebastian. :slight_smile: For anyone who can donate and would like to, there’s just been the news that they’re now able to keep the Crowdfunder page open indefinitely for further contributions — still at the same link as in my first post. Looks like exciting times ahead!