Summer Welsh learning leap!

Dear fellow SSiWers,

I posted back in February asking for advice about Welsh summer schools. The feedback was happily received and so I’ve decided to jump into some faster Welsh learning waters by signing up for 2 weeks in Bangor, 2 weeks in Cardiff and 1 month in Aberystwyth over the summer.

I’ll be in Bangor, based in Newborough, between 25th June to 8th July, then coming back to Georgia to wrap up things and finishing up my four and a bit years here. Before finding my way to Cardiff on 16 July where I will be until heading to Aber the last weekend in July to start 4 weeks there until the end of August. Really looking forward to it!

Was happy to Skype in Welsh with Novem for 53 mins last night and not have a headache afterwards having not spoken much to anyone this year, in Welsh that is!. So there is hope for an intensive summer of Welsh language learning. Hoping to finish Level 2 North before heading up to Bangor, and possibly cracking into Level 3 too.

If anyone fancies meeting up for a cuppa in North Wales, Cardiff and the south, or Aber please drop me a line. I would really love to speak Welsh with as many nice people as possible who have the time over the summer months.

I would like to do something interesting in September to consolidate my Welsh a little too. Will start looking into volunteering opportunities in the North. All ideas welcome!

Cofion, Chris


Give us a shout on here when you’re there - a coffee in Caernarfon would be fun…:slight_smile:

Enjoy, and good luck!

Definitely! Oh I finished reading ‘Some sex and a hill’ a little while ago. It was a grand read.

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Oh, really glad you enjoyed it… :slight_smile:

Don’t forget there is a bootcamp in Tresaith on the 23rd of September. If you’re not up for the whole week it might be fun to drop by (that happens, as I understand it). I’m planning on being there myself (if I get a spot).

Where are you in Georgia? Athens? I’m in Jacksonville, Fl. if you’re ever around these parts.

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Let me know - I might be around for that too :slight_smile:

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Drop me a line when you’re in Cardiff. I’m in Tresaith for the last week of July.

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I did the 4 week one in Aber some years back and thought it was great. We changed tutors every week so that you got exposed to different dialects and benefit from different teaching styles. The extensive social programme was a great way of using your Welsh more too.
You’ll have a great time!

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let me know when you get here

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