Sultan the pit pony

Anyone seen this link? Good things coming out of the industrial heritage of South Wales!

This post is also an excuse to say a big thank you to Dee for another year of the regular newsletter which keeps us in touch with some of the highlights on the forum.

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Clywch clywch! :star2:

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I have walked in this Parc and we finished the walk by going up one of the back legs, along the spine and coming down by the mouth. It is very impressive. There are also some interesting sculptures throughout the Parc. Well worth a visit if you can get there.

That sounds as if it might make another great day out for us from Barry next spring or summer. Even better if we could meet up with you there!

That sounds a good idea! Let me know nearer the time and I will plan a route that includes walking across Sultan.

It’s a deal! Thanks

Ooh, diolch Arianrhod! That’s very close to where I grew up, and when I was younger we had to tolerate huge mounds of black slag everywhere, so it’s nice to see things like this popping up around the place - both for their beauty but also as memorials. Will have to mynd â’r ci am dro dros y ceffyl mawr very soon!

Sounds good. We’re also planning a Welsh trip to the outdoor St Fagans Folk Museum in May next year, after the General Election.

Details of our trips will be on the Barry SSIW group thread, so keep in touch!

Diolch Arianrhod ac Aran!
And I hope I can get along and join in on the outing you organise. It sounds like it would a really worthwhile day.

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It would be splendid to have you along, Dee.

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It’s a plan!

It’s nice to see pit ponies celebrated, though they didn’t often get a chance to look like that!! I used to get very choked up every year at the Horse of the Year Show when they dimmed the lights and led in a pit pony with his miner’s lamp…oh, I’m choked up now, remembering. And everyone cheered and applauded, which must have frightened the poor little thing, who wasn’t used to that sort of noise. When they brought them up for miners’ fortnight and they ran and ran and jumped, then they look like that sculpture!!

Depending on when you meet in St Fagans it is not too far to travel from Chepstow (Cas-gwent). It would be good to meet up with different people.

It would be lovely to meet up with you - and sounds like it applies both ways. Maybe we’ll be able to make it as far as Chepstow one of these days.